Lost Skin

Inspired by a northern fairy tale, in which the protagonist's loss and rediscovery of her "skin" can also be read symbolically in the context of community, identity, belonging and love, five musicians have written compositions for the individual scenes of the story and created a sand painting choreography.

The story is told by a narrator, the spoken word merges seamlessly with the music and is accompanied by the live poetic images made of sand via a projection.

The fairy tale tells of seal women who come to the shore from time to time, take off their sealskin and dance and sing in female form. At the sight of them, a sailor falls in love with one of them and convinces her to follow him as his wife. In the following years, however, it becomes clear what it means not to be in one's own skin, but also what beautiful things can arise from the encounter of two worlds, the human and the underwater world. It is necessary to find one's own skin again, but also to keep the connection with the earthly world.

Marie Spaemann - cello, vocals
Christoph Zimper - clarinet, vocals
Florian Willeitner - violin, vocals
Nina Kazourian - viola, guitar, vocals
Alexander Wienand - piano
Anna Vidyaykina - sand painting
Daniela Knaller - narrator

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The ensemble

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