West East Collaboration / Classical Meets Carnatic

Ganesh - Kumaresh Duo (IND), violins

Florian Willeitner (DE), violin

Anantha R. Krishnan (IND), Mridangam

Krishnaswamy (IND), Ghatam

A unique musical venture to explore innovative possibilities in cross-cultural collaboration of Indian and Western classical instrumental music.

With Violin, the most versatile instrument in both Western and Indian classical music traditions as the basis, one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed Indian violinists, Ganesh- Kumaresh duo will collaborate with award-winning German violinist and composer Florian Willeitner in an exclusive concert accompanied by Indian percussionists.
This international TRIO presents an originally created Indo-Western classical violin extravaganza. The very concept of music being concrete and abstract simultaneously takes both the musicians and connoisseurs on a fascinating journey.

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The ensemble

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