Fifty Shades of Amadé

Mozart can be so much more than a pistachio-flavored chocolate ball!

The "Florian Willeitner String Experience" pursues the idea of ​​a culturally limitless musical language. Notation meets improvisation, classical playing culture meets earthy groove, tradition meets contemporary, and influences from the most diverse music cultures in the world come together to form a symbiotic, transcultural dance. Rolando Villazón invited the 28-year-old from Passau to Mozart Week 2019 to present his “String Experience” in the form of a classic string trio, whose musical expression possibilities go far beyond the traditional framework of this noble genre. Mozart's music is translated here into the most diverse musical languages ​​in Europe and beyond, and people celebrate Mozart in all its spans from the gutter to heaven.

Florian Willeitner, with two outstanding representatives of the young creative string generation, Benedict Mitterbauer on the viola and Ivan Turkalj on the cello, dares to look at a Mozart, which can still be much more than a chocolate ball with a pistachio flavor or the composer of a divine requiem, according to the motto: „Der Wolf ging, doch Wolf gang“ / „Die Liebe der Made zum Gott“ / „Der zarte Kunstzar motzt“ (movements from Willeitner's work "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Fifty Shades of Amadé", premiere at Mozart Week 2019).

These works, newly tailored to Mozart, are contrasted with Mozart's Divertimento in E flat major KV 563. This creates a holistic portrait of the truly timeless Mozart.

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