An abandoned brewery. Rooms full of stories, connected by a labyrinth of pipes, corridors and sounds. In the center: the gigantic cauldron. Where once the waves of the Bavarian elixir of life slosh against the copper walls, music is now being brewed. Captured in a unique art project of film and sound. And 100 percent Innstadt Brewery Passau.

The cauldron is the central element. The anatomy of the cauldron creates an incredibly voluminous reverb. If you stand in it yourself and the copper walls make you swing, you literally lift off. The coronation lies somewhere between the notes g and g#, which correspond approximately to the natural frequency of the cauldron. Playing in this harmonic series, the air, the body, the soul vibrates - just everything!

A Passau artist collective led by Florian Willeitner, Thomas Maluck and Christian Kaeser therefore decided to start the Kessel Sessions and to let different musicians perform in the cauldron and in the old Passauer Innstadt-Brauerei. Not least because of the sound, but also to capture the special place in pictures. The echoing cauldron, the dusty attic, the washed-out pool hall and the tin-like cellar are just as much part of the music of the artists and instruments. Every beat and every ambient sound is 100% Passauer Innstadt-Brauerei.

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