New Piano Trio

innovative - breathtaking - genredefying

Fast-paced melodies fly through space, buzzing with exciting rhythms: the New Piano Trio spreads its wings and takes you into a whole new universe of sound. The air positively vibrates as these three virtuosos demonstrate the lightness of being at a Irish wedding in Bucharest — high emotions, dancing feet, and good times are impossible to stop. Sensual and intoxicating describe the passacaglia or the fugue of New Piano Trio as they play their way into the 21st century with unruly energy and youthful arrogance exuberance. This is the New Piano Trio sound: slender delicacy, rhythmic virtuosity, powerful and cosmopolitan!

Violinist and composer Florian Willeitner, cellist Ivan Turkalj and pianist Alexander Wienand, three international top-musicians, demonstrate with every ringing breath the depth of their knowledge and craftsmanship. They have internalized the very essence of their music.

New Piano Trio redefines the genre, conquering hereto undiscovered worlds of sound. The intensity of the experience unfolds a vast spectrum of colorful sonorities in all imaginable shades. The compositions of violinist Florian Willeitner oscillate effortlessly between radiant and brooding harmonies. Precise movements and intricate balkan-like rhythms are paired with lyrical melodies to enchant the senses. It’s a music that can’t be contained to the “chamber” but belongs rather to the great stages of the world. Here, not only is every note in place — the cleverness and joyful curiosity of the trio make for an unforgettable listening experience. Whether you’re used to classical or pop music: New Piano Trio is for all ears. You’ve never heard it quite like this!

Florian Willeitner, violin & composition

Ivan Turkalj, cello

Alexander Wienand, piano & composition

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