This was fun: the musicians annexed the baroque forms and from inside anarchically infiltrated them with jazz and pop elements.

The Bach.Lab.Group was created in 2014 for the Musikfest Stuttgart. Here, Johann Sebastian Bach is rethought through the interaction between baroque and jazz musicians and confronted with the musical present. The result is a concert program rich in relationships, consisting of original works by Bach, original compositions and exciting improvisation constellations. The program is thus aimed at a broad audience. Not only Bach connoisseurs will be thrilled by the harpsichord vs piano keyboard competition of the Wienand brothers or be carried away into a neo-baroque parallel universe by the piece "Jean: Goldberg in and out" by violinist Florian Willeitner. The innovative instrumentation with violin, cello, flute, harpsichord, piano and percussion offers fascinating sound colors.

"How the musicians annexed the baroque forms and infiltrated them anarchically from within with jazz and pop elements" was also "great fun" for the Stuttgarter Nachrichten!

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