Mozart in the Wind

Mozart in the Wind is a performance in three acts, whereby each act treats a different facet of Mozart’s art.

The first act highlights Mozart’s very own musicality, his inherent genius, which delivers the substance of his melodies extending from Heaven to Hell. A wealth of imagination, bursting with ideas, linked with the gift of being able within a very short space of time to present emotions musically and evolve powerful arcs of great tension. The Sonata for Piano and Violin in E minor, K. 304, here provides the source material for a compositional and improvisational analysis which leads dance and music through the emotional tension of the themes in this sonata.

The second act celebrates Mozart as a human being. The joker, the bon viveur, the music-maker. Original dances by Mozart are played in the context of lively folk music from various cultural spheres and thus allow us to experience the everyday, approachable component of the composer.

Finally, the third act focuses on the scholar and counterpoint expert Mozart: Adagio and Fugue in C minor, K. 546, in a faithful arrangement for the ensemble which will be portrayed in dance form in a strict choreography by Natalie Fend.

Thus an arc is created between two poles which reveals the various levels of Mozart’s personality and allows the composer to awake within himself. In the 21st century. And as topical as ever.

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