Belflamma Meets The Moon

A musical theater piece that inspires children with music, dance and few words.

What does the moon sound like? Who is Tulku? What happens when you tickle Luna? And how does your flame dance?

"Belflamma and the Moon" is an interactive musical theater piece by Aline Kristin Mohl about the friendship between Belflamma, Tulku and Luna, the protector of the moon. Dance, music, improvisation and a holistic stage and lighting concept make the performance an entertaining experience for children and adults.

With Aline Kristin Mohl as dancer and singer, cellist Ivan Turkalj and percussionist Margit Schoberleitner still lead the audience through the emotional ups and downs of this friendship on stage. Tom Barcal, as light artist, wraps the stage in soft light tones and lets the children immerse themselves completely in a fantasy world. The open space concept creates a special close relationship between the performers & the young audience. This creates an informal togetherness that invites the audience to dance and sing along, turning the performance into a multi-sensory experience. At the end of the 40-minute play, there are various stations for drawing and trying out instruments, where the impressions can be processed.

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The ensemble

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