WTF - What The Fugue?

An unheard-of new approach to the compositional supreme discipline of the Baroque: the fugue.

Their last album "I <3 Pop" is still hot off the press, and the three fearless chamber virtuosos of the New Piano Trio are already waiting with the next surprise:

They gather several preludes and fugues in their new program "What the Fugue?". And as the title already suggests, this is a completely new approach to this compositional supreme discipline of the Baroque. As is to be expected from the New Piano Trio, we experience an exploration of the here and now of the musical world scene, an intercultural game beyond genre boundaries. Already on their debut album, Florian Willeitner, the compositional mastermind of the trio, succeeded with the "Fuga in Odd" in an amazing interweaving of strict counterpoint with Balkanese rhythmic fire. All listening expectations were immediately turned upside down. Reason enough to dedicate a concert program to this idea.

Florian Willeitner, composition & violin
Ivan Turkalj, cello
Alexander Wienand, piano & composition

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tbc: Aachen
Konzerthaus Berlin: Berlin

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