Der Halter

„Der Halter“ – a dreamlike alpine film

"HALTER" is the term used on the mountain pasture for the person who is responsible for the animals - this is me on "my" mountain pasture behind Brunn on Lake Weissensee. For 3 years I filmed the cows, calves, horses and donkeys entrusted to me. The result is a documentary that is actually a declaration of love to the animals, the landscape and of course to my farmers. It gives insight into the working world on the alpine pasture, about the beauty of working in nature and with the animals, even if it is very arduous from time to time." Hannes Buchinger, 2020

The genesis of this documentary is a very unusual one. Hannes Buchinger, a photographer by profession, puts his camera on a tripod, presses the shutter button and then cheats his way into the picture with his animals. He is not only the holder, i.e. with the animals the main actor, but also the scriptwriter, director, cameraman, editor and everything that is necessary for a film, all in one person. This is probably another thing that makes this touching film so unique: because it is very close without meaning to be.

The German composer and violinist Florian Willeitner has created a live music concept for mixed ensemble to accompany this film. Works by Debussy, Satie, Brahms, Schubert, Bartok, Willeitner and more alternate with improvisational moments that spontaneously interact with the image, adding depth and irresistible humor to the scenes. A hand in hand of image and sound guarantees a cinematic experience of the unforgettable kind.

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